Hiking in Wilderness Paradise

Cordova has some of the best hiking trails in Alaska.

view of snowcapped mountains from inlet

View the Copper River wetlands, Prince Willam Sound, and the Chugach National Forest while hiking Mt. Eyak. Experience a stunning panoramic view as Mt. Eyak trail connects you to the Power Creek trail or follow the Henney ridge trail from ocean level at Hartney Bay to the top of Henney Ridge from the ocean to snowcapped peaks in about 4 hours; enjoying new views during your 4-hour hike back. You’ll cross the mountain creeks using huge carved trees as bridges and climb log steps on your uphill journey. There are plenty of rest stops along the way, giving you time to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds along this manicured trail. 

For more information on the many trails available to you, visit The Cordova Forestry Service website.